nu things

It's the internet era. Things aren't new anymore, they're nu. I have a few nu things in my life this summer.

One Friday I was sitting at my work desk minding my own business when someone stopped by. The visitor told me that my work desktop no longer met security standards and must be replaced.

I knew this day was coming, I'd seen it happen to others. But I wasn't looking forward to it. Dollar for dollar desktops are more powerful than laptops. As a developer I crave power. On the other hand, my desktop had gotten a little pokey so maybe a new laptop would be an upgrade after all.

Next I learned as a developer I have a choice of machines. Once I saw this list my worries vanished. Nestled near the bottom was the 15" Macbook Pro which made my choice easy.

Now I'm back in mac land. I like Windows a lot but this machine is a lovely, high-end powerhouse. I have named him Ozymandias after the poem since this model is due for a major refresh soon.

The next nu thing took money from my pocket. A couple of years back we replaced our 20 year old washer & dryer before they went kaput. This year we did the same with the fridge.

Sweethome published a new guide and we used that as a starting point to do some comparison shopping in the spring. We quickly came up with our personal top-ranked models. Then the waiting game began.

I figured the most likely purchase date would be Black Friday. Instead I found an unprecedented discount during the beginning of summer sales. Pull that trigger!

The tough part was getting the old one out. I mistakenly thought takeaway was part of what I purchased but no. No indeed! Luckily Salvation Army would take it away free if only from the driveway. And o it came to pass I learned the answer to a joke. It takes three engineers (one retired) to get a refrigerator from my house to my driveway. I am hearby calling myself an engineer.

Now my food is surrounded by space age LED lights and who doesn't want to live that way? I don't name my kitchen appliances.

Finally, everywhere I turned it seemed I heard something interesting about electric cars. There's the large federal and the state rebates. There's the free charging at my company. And self driving but that's not quite ready for prime time. I did some back-of-envelope calculations and became interested in the situation.

The situational problem is Christine has the older car which is due for replacement whereas my Outback has lots of life left. Her driving the electric wouldn't give us the same mathematical benefits since her commute is shorter and she has no free charging.

But then she suggested taking on the Outback after we buy a new electric that I could drive. So selfless, thanks wife! And so shopping began. Long story short I settled on the Kia Soul EV and I've been driving it just over a week. It's lots of fun to drive and the juice has held up so far. I have named him Hamsterdam after the joke in The Wire and the Kia commercials.

Things are not the end all, be all. But every now and then we have to interact with the physical world through driving, eating, and working. This summer all those activities for me are nu.